EnEssCo Strategies, Inc
Management Consulting Services
EnEssCo Strategies provides management and consulting services to senior level executives of firms and industries in government-regulated sectors undertaking strategic, operational and financial transitional activities. Over the years, EnEssCo Strategies has been engaged to develop and implement strategic marketing and financial plans for companies in a wide range of industries including: waste water treatment, bio-tech, outsourcing services, supply chain management and advanced wireless voice and data technologies.  Most recently, following our belief that “Green” initiatives are both inevitable and good business, EnEssCo Strategies is expanding its expertise and resources into a variety of “green” projects for governments and industry. Specifically, we develop environmentally compliant, economically viable solutions in the energy production, water usage, and waste handling and treatment industries.

Norman Steisel, former first Deputy Mayor and Sanitation Commissioner of New York City and former investment banker and financial executive is the President and Founder of EnEssCo Strategies, Inc.,

Green Consulting from EnEssco
EnEssCo Strategies has assumed an active role in assisting businesses to most efficiently implement business practices that are more environmentally responsible.

Our mission is to help integrate sound environmental stewardship into the daily business practices of our clients.

Our “Green” Team includes professionals who have a proven record of success in all aspects of science and technology oriented business consulting and “green” compliance. 

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